Sunday, April 20, 2014

Angels Visit

Two of our grandsons came to visit overnight.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Signs of the Season

Honey Bees frantically working the Quince Bush.

The farmers sprayed something on the lovely green grass behind our house to kill it.  At the time of the taking of these pictures it has turned yellow, but now is completely brown.  They'll soon be discing the land and planting something.  Hoping for cotton or sweet potatoes.

Pollen.  Its been very bad this year.  I park under a tree at work and when the leaves started budding out, it dropped a sticky substance all over my car.  Then the pollen fell on that sticky stuff and my car was a mess!  Hubby has since washed all of it off.

The flowering almond bush.

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Glimpses of Home

Happy Monday Morning to you!

I'm sorry to  see another weekend come to an end.  But, as I've always said, I'm so thankful for my job. 

A camellia blossom with the red barn in the background.
On Sunday we met with family for lunch and here is another back of a sweet grandchild's head.  This was Walt checking out another baby in a high chair behind him.  This is his baby hair that hasn't ever been cut and it has a little curl to it.

This is Hubby's back which showcases an NC State shirt.  Go Pack!

Here's a little glimpse of home.  If you look closely you can see the farmhouse through this little opening in the trees behind it.

The barn quilt.

In our area there are many fields that look like a sea of green which is the wheat that has just started growing.  I took this picture while riding in the car.  I think the dark green wheat with the ominous sky over the little barn is an interesting shot.

These scenes are everywhere!  This is an old uninhabited house with a tractor parked beside it.

Another shot of the opening in the trees with some "more" green wheat peeking through.

The quince blooms are opening up even more and will soon be gone, making way for more Spring flowers elsewhere in the yard.

Yesterday was so cold and windy here!  But this week's forecast looks fantastic.  Upper 70s and even a couple of days that hit 80.  So ready!

Today we find out the gender of our 2nd grandchild to be born in 2014.  Will it be a fifth grandson or our first granddaughter?  I'll let you know!

Enjoy your Monday!